Tier 3: District-Level Convergence Mechanism

Through an agreement with the Pune Zilla Parishad (district government), the 3D Program is convening and facilitating a District Convergence Planning Committee (DCPC) to inform district planning and budget processes and strengthen district-wide services for girls and women. Chaired by the CEO, Zilla Parishad and endorsed by the District Collector, the committee is comprised of key district government departments and representatives of NGOs and the private sector engaged as needed. The DCPC is tasked with creating a shared vision for girls and women, jointly defined targets and accountability mechanisms for implementation that can be integrated into district program planning and implementation.

"To truly serve girls and women effectively, we need to coordinate multiple inputs and provide them simultaneously. By talking to each other within the ZP and sharing data, we will be able to jointly plan and implement programs more effectively. By working with partners in civil society and the corporate sector, who can provide technical and other inputs, we can fill gaps and benefit from new technologies and additional resources." -CEO Mandhare