Document, Drive, Deliver

Girls and women are three-dimensional with multiple, intersecting needs that should be met simultaneously. To better serve girls and women, and to maximize impact and increase efficiencies in programming, the 3D Program Documents, Drives and Delivers.


We document evidence and analysis to guide planning and action, including:
  • Landscape analyses of our sites, including data on the status of girls and women, existing programs, resources, actors, opportunities and challenges. These analyses help us identify priority issues and entry points through which to address the needs of girls and women.
  • Global, national and local evidence on what works to address complex, interrelated issues such as economic empowerment and violence against girls and women.
  • Evidence and experiences on what drives institutions to work together and case studies on existing efforts to facilitate convergent action.
  • Telling our story on diverse platforms to document, assess and share lessons learned about how convergent action can be facilitated, including successes and failures.


Generating synergies, opportunities and efficiencies by:
  • Convening key stakeholders across key government sectors that impact the lives of girls and women, including health, education, rural development, women and child development and others.
  • Engaging the government as a key driver of the process.
  • Convening stakeholders across government, civil society and the private sector to strategically align programming to better serve girls and women.
  • Leveraging existing resources and platforms and maximizing relative advantages.
  • Ensuring that the process is demand-driven and defined by the realities and priorities of girls and women.
  • Catalyzing collaboration to strategically align programming and jointly define targets in health, education, safety and economic empowerment.


Delivering plans, programs, commitments, capacity and results, specifically:
  • Government-driven district-and municipal-level plans and programs to serve girls and women.
  • Commitments by stakeholders across sectors to implement the plans and programs to ensure sustainability.
  • Support to build capacity to create monitoring and evaluation frameworks and management information systems to track and assess progress and hold partners accountable.
  • Results for girls and women achieved through an essential package of services addressing: health, education, economic empowerment, and safety.
  • A methodology for convergent action for girls and women.