Document, Drive, Deliver

To increase economic opportunities for girls and women and better meet their health, education and safety needs, the 3D Program Documents, Drives and Delivers.


  • Global, national and local evidence on what works to address complex, interrelated issues such as economic empowerment and public safety.
  • Evidence on the status of girls and women, existing programs, resources, actors, opportunities and challenges in our program sites.
  • Evidence and experiences on what drives stakeholders and sectors to work together.
  • Our story on diverse platforms to assess and share lessons learned.


  • Key government departments, including health, education, rural development and women and child development, to work together.
  • Stakeholders across government, civil society and the private sector to strategically align programming.
  • Community collectives to strengthen girls' and women's voices in holding government accountable for effective solutions.
  • Resources to fund and support sustained convergent action.


  • Convergent district and municipal plans and programs with improved capacity to serve girls and women.
  • Processes for girls and women to participate in and monitor government programs.
  • Commitments by stakeholders across sectors to ensure sustainability.
  • Better outcomes for girls and women in health, education, economic empowerment and public safety.