How We Work

The 3D Program facilitates convergent action through joint planning, monitoring and accountability, not joint implementation.

The 3D Program facilitates convergent action by linking the following stakeholders:
State, district and municipal government agencies and actors, across health, education, urban and rural development, women and child development, transportation, energy and public safety, among others
Civil society organizations, including women's and community-based organizations  
Private sector organizations and initiatives  
The 3D Program will engage these stakeholders and facilitate a process that:
  • Links them to develop a shared vision and plan to strategically align programming through joint targets
  • Leverages existing resources
  • Maximizes relative advantages
  • Brings global, national and local evidence to inform the process
  • Provides resources to build capacity in monitoring and evaluation
  • Documents lessons learned

The first three years of the 3D Program are foundational, designed to put in place the building blocks for a longer-term program to monitor progress and assess its impact on girls and women in target sites. It will also serve as an exemplar for a scaled-up response for gender equality beyond those sites.